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Established in 1976, EWA Travel continues to work with NGO's and other international organizations and also with US corporations and associations to deliver cost-effective, personalized and high-quality travel services including group travel arrangements. Let us go to work for YOU.  703-522-2626  














SAUDI ARABIA - SECURITY/TRANSPORTATION - CDN GOV'T TRAVEL CAUTION: - Exercise extreme caution if you are travelling to or within southwestern Saudi Arabia, particularly near the Yemeni border. Airports in the area may be closed with little or no notice. Details   

YEMEN REPUBLIC - SECURITY - CDN GOV'T TRAVEL CAUTION: - Canadians advised against all travel to Yemen. The Consulate of Canada is closed. Details   

PAKISTAN - SECURITY - Tirah - Two security personnel were killed in Khyber Agency IED blast. Details   

SYRIA - SECURITY - Hajar al-Asawad - The Islamic State (*IS*) militant group captured the southern part of a main Palestinian refugee camp, Yarmouk Camp. They also stormed the Palestine Hospital there, capturing all of the medical staffs and volunteers. Details   

SINGAPORE - LOCAL LAWS - AUSTRALIA DFAT TRAVEL ADVICE: - It is now illegal to consume alcohol in public places between 10.30 p.m. and 7 a.m. Details   

TURKEY - SECURITY - BOMB THREAT - Flight #TK1759 from Istanbul to Lisbon returned to Istanbul's Ataturk Airport after bomb threat. An unaccompanied baggage found on board; all passengers taken to another aircraft. This is the 3rd bomb threat for Turkish Airlines this week. Details   

TONGA - EARTHQUAKE - 5.2 - 98km E of Hihifo Details   

YEMEN REPUBLIC - TRANSPORTATION/SECURITY - European regulators urge airlines to avoid Yemen's airspace as air strikes continues in the southwestern tip. EASA highlights the risk after French regulators urged their airlines not to penetrate Yemen's airspace. However EASA did not directly ban airlines from flying over Yemen. Details   

VENEZUELA - POLITICAL/SECURITY - President Maduro announced March 9th as "Bolivarian Anti-Imperialism Day," in a tit for tat to US President Obama's executive order declaring Venezuela a security threat to Washington. Details   

PHILIPPINES - WEATHER - Typhoon Maysak - Update Apr 1st - Maysak, currently a Cat-5 system, is moving northwest and is about 760 miles from the eastern town of Guiuan in the central Philippines early Wednesday. Details   

MICRONESIA - WEATHER - Typhoon Maysak - Chuuk - Update Apr 1st - 5 killed, 95% of tin houses demolished with communications systems down due to Maysak's battering winds and rain. Yap now on track to feel Maysak, now intensified to a Cat-5 hurricane. Details   

CHILE - EARTHQUAKE - 5.5 magnitude 82km NNW of Coquimbo Details   

INDONESIA - EARTHQUAKE - 5.8 magnitude 143km SSW of Tual Details   

MUMBAI - TRANSPORTATION - Bird-hit incident on Jet Airways flight flight 9W-541 from Dubai to Mumbai, with 110 onboard, leads to chaos at the Mumbai Airport today forcing authorities to divert 5 flights to nearby airports and 3 to do a go-around. Details   


Global events:


HEALTH Ė EBOLA TRAVEL ALERTS; Details; H1N1 SWINE FLU - India ; MEASLES - United States - Details; CHIKUNGUNYA - Caribbean; Details

TSUNAMI WARNINGS & WATCHES -None at this time; - Details Details Details


TROPICAL STORMS, HURRICANES & CYCLONES: Typhoon Maysak(Chedeng) - Philippines (Luzon); Tropical Disturbance - South West Indian OceanDetails Details; Details;


Congratulations to the recent bride and groom, our own Laura Cohn and to Peter Piscitelli. The couple was married in Boca Raton and honeymooned in Jamaica. Laura, Assistant Manager of the Arlington Office,  has been in the travel industry for 24 years and is a Certified Travel Counselor and also a meeting planner.  Among her duties, Laura is instrumental in quality control assistance.