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United Airlines travel waiver for Northeast Winter Storm 

Travelers through the impacted airports listed below are permitted to make voluntary changes to their plans within the parameters provided below.

Impacted cities


  • Buffalo (BUF)
  • Erie (ERI)
  • Grand Rapids (GRR)
  • Muskegon (MKG)
  • Rochester (ROC)
  • Syracuse (SYR)
  • Traverse City (TVC)




Original travel dates:
November 19-20, 2014


Changing to earlier or later flights is allowed

Final travel must be completed by:
End of validity of ticket (one year from date of issue)

Delta, United, American, Southwest and other airlines around the world have installed seats with trim metal frames and ultrathin cushions, squeezing rows closer together to pack more people on each flight. Three-quarters of Delta’s domestic fleet and one-quarter of United’s now have the new slim-line seating. The lightweight seats—and even some new, skinnier bathrooms—improve airlines’ bottom line, with less fuel burned per passenger and more tickets sold per flight. But passengers can feel the pinch: Some complain about stiff padding and knee-knocking issues, and liken flying in the new seat to squeezing next to strangers on a crowded park bench. But with thinner materials, new seat designs are “giving passengers more leg room than the previous generation of seat designs’’ and making high-density planes possible, a Boeing spokeswoman says. (excerpts  from Wall Street Journal)




TSA's PreCheck program is desperate for customers after three years of operation. TSA is hiring private contractors to launch a massive sign-up effort. It said recently it will use them to recruit and screen millions of people into trusted-traveler status. Currently 598,184 people are enrolled in PreCheck and more than 1.3 million more have PreCheck clearance through Global Entry, the Customs and Border Protection trusted-traveler program. TSA needs millions more enrolled to make sure PreCheck lines are fully used.


“I’ve got to have people in those lanes. Otherwise, officers just stand there and fuel the perceptions” of TSA as a bloated bureaucracy, TSA Administrator John Pistole says.


That push for trusted-traveler enrollment took on new urgency when Congress trimmed funding for TSA by $530 million this year and the agency cut 3,500 screener positions. TSA doesn’t have enough screeners to reserve PreCheck lanes only for PreCheck passengers. So the agency directs passengers considered low risk, often based on age, sex and destination, into PreCheck lanes, hoping that a taste of expedited screening will prompt them to pay the $85 application fee to enroll for five years. (source: WSJ)



Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa. EWA utilizes Brussels Air and Royal Air Moroc to fly medical personnel into Monrovia and Freetown.

Several domestic airlines return to "peak scheduling". "Instead of spacing flights evenly throughout the day, American in August started bunching them together. The change restores an old format of "peak" scheduling, grouping flights into busy flying times followed by lulls when gates are nearly empty. After Miami International, American next year will "re-peak" schedules at its largest hubs in Chicago and Dallas-Fort Worth." See full WSJ story.

US airline passengers pay more for security fees as of July 21, 2014

Fliers formerly paid $2.50 for each leg of a connecting flight, capped at $5 per one-way trip. Effective July 21, the fee is a flat $5.60 per one-way trip. The $5 cap on one-way travel disappeared. Congress approved the higher fees as part of the bipartisan budget act approved in December. The money will go to the general fund of the U.S. Treasury to be used to offset TSA costs for providing aviation security and to reduce the federal deficit. The security fee has been built into airfares since the TSA was created after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Ensure your electronic devices have enough power remaining in them to power them up upon demand by security officials. Consider carrying power cords and cube taps/outlet splitters in carry-on baggage so that last-minute charging can be performed. Expect delays going through security screening before boarding flights for the US. Arrive at departure airport at least 4 hours before your flight.


Tom Ollinger, EWA President, returned from an industry inspection tour of the Maldives and Sri Lanka. His photo galleries (including an industry trip to Munich) are at- https://www.flickr.com/photos/theollingers/sets/72157645362328716/

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Travel Risk Management white paper Note, EWA works with a variety of security companies to coordinate security management actions of our clients. Contact Audrey Anderson or Tom Ollinger for details.





The new Silk Road, business travel to Africa.

Story by Business Travel News.






Seven keys to getting a better airline seat.



Airlines have found new allies in their fight against a requirement that they include US taxes in their advertised fares. Consumer groups disagree. Full Bloomberg story.