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Tom grew up in rural southern New Jersey and began developing his customer service skills at the early age of 14 working summers, after school, and holidays for a family owned produce and garden center throughout high school and college. He attended Drake University (1975-1979, B.A. Journalism) and began his professional career with a marketing firm in Des Moines, IA representing manufacturers selling to the US Military Exchange system. Tom quickly achieved “road warrior” status, traveling to over one third of the fifty states in an 18 month period. Tom entered into the travel industry in 1984 with an agency arranging travel for foreign students to study at U.S. universities and colleges. Two years later, he joined EWA Travel as an international travel counselor servicing Winrock International, Gannett, USA Today, and others. Tom’s philosophy of flat line management enables him to maintain intimate contact with staff, stay close to the "heartbeat" of clients’ needs, and keep abreast of the ever changing travel industry at the grass roots level. As a result, EWA has one of the highest staff retention rates (12 ½ years average tenure) and one of the best client retention rates. Tom has worked for EWA Travel since 1986.
Tom Ollinger President/Chief Operating Officer 703-647-7029 9-5:30